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BLK Flame Marketing is about sharing our obsession with you. Our obsession to use an endless infatuation fuelling us to conceptualize and create; resulting in tools that WILL grow your business.

Beyond our need to create, I have credentials that support my ambition. Credentials that nurtured our potential and turned them into expert capabilities.

At BLK Flame Marketing, we consider clients to be more like partners than customers.

Digital Marketing

We offer 3 kinds of main strategies, SEO, SEM and SMM. All of which are great ways to drive traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps domain rank on search engines to organically show up on the top pages. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a mixture of SEO and paid promotional efforts towards increasing visibility and sales.

Lastly, social media marketing (SMM) which incorporates social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to increase visibility through organic and paid searches. Our results come from actionable and measurable strategies, so we cut the guesswork.

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Marketing Analytics


We believe in the process of growth in our company by continuously learning new strategies to keep up with the change in the market and algorithms.

A great company starts with a clear brand, from there we are able to generate relevant traffic in order to convert them into sales. Much like website design, we believe that a template-based marketing strategy is not at all what we stand for. What makes a great marketing plan is a custom tailored one for not only your industry but your business as a whole.

Tell us about your company and your goals. Our branding team will take their time to understand your business in and out and offer the best strategies for you to excel in your industry.

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Web Development

What sets a good website from the rest is the responsiveness and user-friendliness of one. A high-quality website is considered the very foundation that your online marketing strategies stem from.

At BLK Flame Marketing, we have professional web developers that have an amazing track record in order to deliver what we call snappy websites. We deliver fast turnaround time, fast loading speed, affordable hosting, and custom layouts in order to differentiate your business from the others.

With the use of industry-standard tools to measure viewer interaction with your website, we are also able to systematically measure the best layout for your target.

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Web Design

Some of Our Friends

It's easy as...

The basis of our services starts with a well operating website.
From there, our marketing services fall into place with result driven strategies.
Eliminate the guesswork, we are happy to help.

At BLK Flame Marketing, we value the comradery of teamwork. Call us today for your free consultation. We are looking forward to sharing our insight on how we can grow your business!

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