Auto Glass Tec

Auto Glass Tec specializes in automobile glass and tire repair and replacement in Mississauga. Their services consist of fixing small chips in windshields to full glass replacements.

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Prior to joining our services, the client wanted to revamp their marketing efforts through organic and paid advertisement. Their first issue would be branding and developing an image that reflects the quality and specialization in service. This resulted in the lack of traffic through online presence and untapped market.


Brand study is quite important when it comes to starting any campaign. Since the company has only recently opened a shop, establishing a consistent brand is important. We wanted to go through the future goals of the company and target market. Thereafter, we planned around the logo, typography etc. This ensures that all platforms of promotion will be consistent. Our web developers have created a faster website with best practice in UX/UI. We have recognized the shortcomings in the old web page such as page speed, buttons, call to action and overall content.

Google ads is one of the best services to consider when it comes to pay per click efforts. It gives immediate results if done correctly. Auto Glass Tec continues to receive calls through our ad campaign on the daily. This is all due to our careful efforts towards research and execution in campaign. We strongly believe in A/B testing to maximize budget and conversions.

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