What is digital marketing?

Aleksej Djokic Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the use of online and digital components of the internet to market. It is anything from tools to help achieve your goals to platforms that help you convey the brand. 

We live in a world of technology where computers fit in the palm of your hands. Because of this, it is vital to work along with such big opportunities. Although traditional methods of marketing still work just as well, digital marketing definitely opens a plethora of options for users. 

There are many options to digital marketing whether it is organic searches, digital advertising, marketing automation, paid searches etc. All of which can be implemented in your marketing strategies. Although each strategy may differ from one another, it is very important to track the effectiveness. For example, Google Ads has their own tracking system which tells you how much it costs for someone to click on the keyword you have inputted for. It tells you how many conversions and if there’s a demographic not yet considered. This data rich content can help drive better conversions. Google Analytics for example tells you the traffic of the website along with valuable information such as behaviour. This gears more towards the aspect of the website itself. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is actually a broad term that covers any type of digital marketing where you pay for every user who clicks on an ad. For example, Google AdWords is a form of PPC advertising called “paid search advertising” (which we’ll go over in a second). Facebook Ads are another form of PPC advertising called “paid social media advertising” (again, we’ll get into that shortly).

Paid Search Advertising

The question is whether paid advertising WILL drive conversions. There are a few things to look out for:

  1. Budget
  2. Niche 
  3. Strategy


Do you have enough budget for any of these platforms to learn how to bid properly and to show it to the right people? The bigger the budget, the faster you are able to see results for the most cases.


Niche is the specific market you’re selling in. For example a niche for race car wheels is a specific niche as opposed to your general population who’s looking for wheels. The more competitors there are in your market, the more competitive it becomes. This becomes an issue tying back to budget. This being the cost per click which runs out a lot faster if your budget is smaller. Therefore, balancing between the cost per click and profits is very important.


There are several ways you can go about starting up your marketing strategy. There is not 1 right way. If anything, there are more than 1 method to achieve similar results. 1 strategy may not work for all of your campaigns, perhaps the strategy is specific to your market. For example auto services may need a different strategy as opposed to dental clinics.

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